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Increasingly severe Basin-scale climate change related events have had devastating impacts on North Pacific Ocean socio-ecological systems.

In January 2021 representatives from the NPAFC and the PICES Secretariats and partners including the Pacific Salmon Foundation submitted a concept proposal to the UN Decade for Ocean Science for sustainable development to develop and implement an ocean intelligence system to build resilience into ocean management systems.

Objective: This ten-year initiative aims to develop an international ocean intelligence system capable of assessing changes and predicting impacts on local ecosystems and communities, using salmon as an exemplar species. Salmon are culturally, economically, and ecologically important in North Pacific and Atlantic basins. They integrate cumulative effects of change in freshwater and oceans and highlight these effects to human communities. Currently, our knowledge of the inter-connections between climate, oceans, and salmon are insufficient to predict change and develop resilience. This effort will provide this knowledge.

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Spending the Winter on the High Seas of the North Pacific for the 2022 International Year of the Salmon | March 1, 2022


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