Decade Actions

Decade Actions

Ocean Decade Actions are the tangible initiatives that will be carried out across the globe to fulfill the Decade vision over the next ten years. These actions are focused on the advancement and application of knowledge to support the development of solutions and are not policy-prescriptive by nature. Ocean Decade Actions will be proposed and carried out by proponents including, but not limited to, research institutes, governments, UN entities, intergovernmental organizations, other international and regional organizations, business and industry, philanthropic and corporate foundations, NGOs, educators, and community groups or individuals (e.g. via community-led science initiatives).

Several levels of Ocean Decade Actions will be implemented:

Decade Programmes

Decade Programmes are global or regional in scale and will contribute to the achievement of one or more of the Ocean Decade Challenges. They are long-term (multi-year), interdisciplinary and consist of component projects and potentially enabling activities.

Decade Projects

Decade Projects are a discrete and focused undertaking. It may be regional, national or subnational and it will typically contribute to an identified Ocean Decade programme.

Decade Activities

Decade Activities are a one-off standalone initiative (such as an awareness-raising event, a scientific workshop or a training opportunity). It will enable a programme or project or directly contribute to an Ocean Decade Challenge. Visit the Ocean Decade website to learn more about Decade Activities.

Decade Contributions

Decade Contributions support the Ocean Decade through provision of a necessary resource (e.g. funding or an in-kind contribution). A contribution can support either the implementation of an Ocean Decade Action or the coordination costs of the Ocean Decade.

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