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New UNESCO Report - Into the Blue: Securing a Sustainable Future for Kelp Forests

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and their partners GRID-Arendal, the Norwegian Blue Forests Network and the UNEP-WCMC recently launched two reports “Decades of Mangrove Forest Change: What does it mean for nature, people and the climate?” and “Into the Blue: Securing a Sustainable Future for Kelp Forests”.  Our own DCC NEP Executive Director was part of the global group that contributed to the knowledge review on kelp, revealing the state of science on the world’s kelp forests and providing recommended actions to build the recovery of the world’s kelp forests.

Shining the Light on Baby Crabs

Across the Salish Sea, monitoring the ocean with light traps may illuminate the future of Dungeness crabs. The Hakai Magazine recently launched a story about the Hakai Institute’s multiyear Sentinels of Change program.

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