We envision a Northeast Pacific Ocean region where ecosystems and coastal communities are thriving, connected, and resilient, now and into the future. The relationships, knowledge, and caretaking of the Northeast Pacific Ocean include diverse Indigenous and western worldviews, and are informed by ancestral and lived experience, collaborative learning, and equitable partnerships.

The Ocean Decade Collaborative Center for the Northeast Pacific connects ocean knowledge to ocean action and makes the Ocean Decade come alive in our region.

The Collaborative Center will address the UN Ocean Decade’s 10 challenges and work to achieve the Decade’s 7 outcomes by:

  • Amplifying and strengthening endorsed projects and programmes in the region by hosting workshops and events, providing networking and opportunities for dialogue, providing communication, and media support, and supporting training and capacity- building efforts,

  • Catalyzing new partnerships under the Ocean Decade by connecting academic researchers, National, State and Indigenous government agencies, NGOs, business and industry, and community members, identifying key gaps in science and decisions, advancing opportunities to fill those gaps, and helping to navigate the Ocean Decade endorsement process,

  • Supporting monitoring and evaluation of Decade Actions in the region, and

  • Identifying potential funding sources for ongoing and new Ocean Decade actions within the region.

From the coast to the deep water and across boundaries and borders, we acknowledge the traditional, ancestral and unceded territories of the Indigenous peoples that have called the Northeast Pacific region home since time immemorial. The Collaborative Center and its team deeply value equity, justice and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. We strive for inclusion of diverse voices and the co-design and co-production of projects with the communities most impacted by our work.  


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