Restoration Grant Opportunities

Starting in Fiscal Year 2022-23, CDFW will have over $200 million dedicated to restoration, including funding for grants under new initiatives under Nature Based Solutions, Drought and Climate resiliency. Drought - Protecting Salmon - Funding for planning and implementation projects that enhance resiliency to drought and climate change through restoration, protection, or enhancement of riparian and aquatic habitat and river channels, reconnection of historical flood plains, or improvements to ecological functions. Addressing Climate Impacts - Funding for projects addressing urgent degrading water and habitat conditions due to climate change impacts. Wetlands and Mountain Meadows Restoration - Funding for Mountain Meadows and non-coastal Wetlands restoration consistent with the Natural and Working Lands Climate Smart Strategy(opens in new tab) and Pathways to 30x30(opens in new tab). Wildlife Corridors - Funding to support connectivity projects that advance multi-benefit and nature-based solutions, consistent with the State Wildlife Action Plan, the California Wildlife Barriers Report, and the Fish Passage Annual Legislative Report. Proposition 1 and 68 – Opening in Spring 2023.


California Department of Fish and Wildlife

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