Post-Doctoral Fellowships in ocean observation, analysis and prediction applications

Applications are invited for a two-year postdoctoral fellowships (PDF) using advanced ocean observing technology, numerical modelling and data science to study oceanographic and/or geophysical processes. The Pacific Rim Ocean Data Mobilization and Technology (PRODIGY) training program bridges the fields of oceanography, geophysics, computer science and statistics to support state-of-the-art ocean observation, prediction and knowledge mobilization. We seek dynamic individuals to contribute to this program through inter-disciplinary research, teaching, mentoring and stakeholder engagement. Applicants with a range of backgrounds and interests in ocean observation, modelling and/or data science are encouraged to apply. This is a limited term, two-year PDF position paid at a rate of $60,000 CAD per year plus mandatory employment-related benefits. Additional research funds will be provided by the Project Leaders.


UBC & partners

Opportunity Type


Key Dates

Start Date Sept 1, 2023

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