Messengers of Biodiversity Grants

Are you a journalist or science writer with a great idea for a story about biodiversity in British Columbia, but you lack the resources to research the idea and travel to B.C. to report it? Well now you can. Introducing the Messengers of Biodiversity Reporting Grant. In partnership with the Science Media Centre of Canada, the Sitka Foundation is offering journalists grants to support reporting and writing or broadcast stories about biodiversity issues in British Columbia. These stories are intended to be published in a range of media in Canada, the U.S. or internationally. To receive this grant they must focus on some aspect of British Columbia’s biodiversity although journalists receiving this grant do not need to be based in British Columbia or Canada. The funding is designed to be flexible and can be used to help cover research time, travel and other related expenses. There will be two streams of funding: for research time only (CAD $10,000) and for research plus travel costs (CAD $15,000). We have ten grants available this year.


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