Indigenous Food Security & Sovereignty

The intention of the IFS program is to address existing gaps in supporting Indigenous agriculture and food projects while reviving indigenous traditional food systems, processing and resource management strategies that provides greater quantities and improved quality of foods in a sustainable way that promotes community health and lasting positive socio-economic impacts. Eligible applicants will have access to two (2) funding streams to support progress through the stages of planning and implementation of their agriculture and food project. This will ensure approved applicants have financial support throughout the lifecycle of their Food Security project whether the project is in development stage or implementation stage. The IFS program is intended to be a 3-year initiative with new funding available in each of the next 3 years (ending December 2025) and is being funded by the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food.


New Relationship Trust & Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Opportunity Type


Key Dates

Intake 1: Apply by Dec 1

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