Executive Director

The QS Office operates in a fast-paced and focused G2G environment, and we need an experienced and highly skilled Executive Director (ED) to join our team. Reporting to the JLC and the BOD, the ED will be responsible for ensuring that the organization's strategic and operational goals are met. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in developing and implementing work-plans, managing budgets, multi-level communication, hiring and managing staff. They should be a proactive and strategic thinker, comfortable navigating complex relationships and situations, and able to handle difficult conversations with humility. In this role, the ED will be instrumental in implementing the QS-G2G SJ LoC and the QS-BC Joint Intentions Paper, as well as supporting related projects. The ED will also engage regularly with QS signatory technicians, leadership, and others to ensure the SJ LoC is fully implemented. Cultural competency and communication skills are essential for success in this position.



Opportunity Type


Key Dates

Dec 8, 2023

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