Director, Plastics

The Director, Plastics, directs attention to the plastics portfolio of work initiated by Ocean Wise and aggregated into the conservation initiative “Ocean Wise Plastics”. Specifically, this role develops, leads and influences the Ocean Wise strategy for the mitigation of marine plastic pollution. This will require building and orchestrating synergies between, Shoreline Cleanups, Microplastics & Pollution (including applied in-house research) and the Plastics Reduction Program. And with other initiatives, programs and projects (e.g. citizen action, Fisheries & Seafood, Seaforestation, Whales and Youth & Education) as well as external partnerships, in support of a large reduction of plastic pollution in the oceans. The program engages with the citizenry at large, government (municipalities and federal) and businesses. The ambition of the Plastics initiative is global, with a strong initial footing in Canada and the US.


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