Coastal Climate Solutions Leaders Program Coordinator

The University of Victoria is seeking a Program Coordinator for an NSERC-CREATE funded graduate training program, CCSL: Coastal Climate Solutions Leaders. Bridging across the sciences, engineering, social sciences, business, and law, this new program will deliver enriched interdisciplinary and intersectoral training to prepare the next generation of leaders with the knowledge, experience and skills needed to rise to the challenge of climate change. The CCSL Program Coordinator will be responsible for the daily management of the CCSL program, in consultation with the Program Director and other members of the CCSL network. Activities will include helping to recruit, orient and manage students in the program, organizing and promoting CCSL events; fostering relationships with climate-solutions partners and tracking the program budget and preparing reports.


University of Victoria and NSERC

Opportunity Type


Key Dates

Apply by June 1, 2023

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