November 21st, 2022

MaPP kelp monitoring training videos provide standardized methodology

The Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP), an Ocean Decade-endorsed project, has launched a series of kelp monitoring training videos featuring tools, techniques and protocols being used to support standardized kelp monitoring in the MaPP region (two-thirds of British Columbia’s coast). The methods shown in the videos are accompanied by a detailed Kelp Monitoring Methods protocol document.

First Nations are applying this standardized methodology to collect and analyze data in the four MaPP sub-regions to find out:

  • Where the kelp is;

  • How kelp is changing;

  • What is causing the kelp to change; and

  • What else is affected by these changes to kelp.

Kelp monitoring information will be used to inform future management recommendations about protected areas, ecosystem health and marine use. 

Visit the MaPP website to watch the videos and review the protocol document.

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