February 21st, 2023


The Ocean Decade Collaborative Centre for the Northeast Pacific made a splash at the 5th International Marine Protected Area Congress (IMPAC5) held in early February 2023 in Vancouver BC, Canada, to continue to introduce our role in the Ocean Decade. Highlights included:

  • Participating in the Assessing Social-Ecological Linkages for MPA Monitoring workshop (an Ocean Decade Activity), which was hosted by Dr Natalie Ban/UVic, Nature United, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada and held at the Quadra Centre prior to the congress

  • Co-hosting a side event for 65 participants “Braiding Knowledge Systems For Transforming Governance” ahead of IMPAC5, which shared case studies, challenges and discussed opportunities for developing guidelines for co-design and co-production of knowledge. 

  • Presenting in several sessions at IMPAC5 to continue to introduce our role in the Ocean Decade (highlighting how we support co-design and co-production of knowledge) and provide opportunities to celebrate and amplify Actions

  • Listening in a wide variety of sessions throughout the congress

  • Participating in the IMPAC5 intergenerational knowledge exchange program

  • Participating in the 3rd Ocean Literacy Dialogues

  • Participating in the Ocean Festival public event

Together with the Northeast Pacific community, we celebrated several exciting announcements including:

  • Canada's effective moratorium on deep sea mining (more)

  • The new agreement for cooperative management of Tang.ɢwan-ḥačxʷiqak-Tsig̱is as a Marine Protected Area (more)

  • The milestone agreement to protect the Great Bear Sea through a network of Marine Protected Areas (more)

Ready to dive in? There’s a place for everyone in the Ocean Decade—stay connected to help ensure a thriving, resilient, sustainable and productive Northeast Pacific Ocean.