July 13th, 2023 | 10:00 PT | Online

Global best practices and BC recommendations for MPA Network Monitoring

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Romney McPhie, Ocean Decade Collaborative Center for the Northeast Pacific

Join the Ocean Decade Collaborative Center for the Northeast Pacific and Nature United for a preview of Nature United's latest report, Best Practices and Procedures for Operationalizing Marine Protected Area Network Monitoring: Synthesis of Global Insights and Recommendations for British Columbia’s Northern Shelf Bioregion to learn from international examples and recommendations for the newly established Northern Shelf Bioregion MPA Network.

Marine protected area networks (MPANs) - collections of marine protected areas that operate cooperatively and synergistically within a region - offer opportunities for habitat protection at large spatial scales while still allowing for diverse human activities, including fishing. Drawing from a set of five global temperate ocean MPAN case studies and review of reports and peer-reviewed literature, this report synthesizes global lessons learned and suggested best practices that are rooted in applied experience from operationalizing MPAN monitoring. These global insights and best practices are then placed within the unique context of the Northern Shelf Bioregion (NSB) in British Columbia, Canada to provide recommendations for monitoring the MPAN that is in the process of being implemented.

Read the Supplementary Report here: https://www.natureunited.ca/content/dam/tnc/nature/en/documents/tnc_Nature-United-MPA-Supplementary-Report.pdf

Read the Report here: https://www.natureunited.ca/content/dam/tnc/nature/en/documents/MPA-Network-Report-Final.pdf.pdf

Event Speakers

We are thrilled to welcome the following invited speakers:

Rebecca Martone is the Executive Director of the Ocean Decade Collaborative Center for the NE Pacific and a contributing author of the new MPAN monitoring report.

Jenn Burt is the Marine Program Director at Nature United and the project lead for the new MPAN monitoring report.

Natascia Tamburello is a Sr. Systems Ecologist and Science Communications Specialist at ESSA Technologies Inc. and an author of the new MPAN monitoring report.


Nature United creates solutions for people and nature by building diverse partnerships to protect lands and waters and ensure nature is the foundation of healthy communities, economies and future opportunities.

The Tula Foundation’s Ocean Decade Collaborative Center for the Northeast Pacific convenes conversations among knowledge holders, scientists, practitioners, and community members in the Northeast Pacific region. We highlight timely topics and advances in ocean science through the lens of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, grounded in the interests and priorities of coastal communities.

From the coast to the deep water and across boundaries and borders, we acknowledge the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territories of all the Indigenous peoples that have called the Northeast Pacific region home since time immemorial.


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