Jul 27, 2023 | 9:00AM - 10:34PM | PST | Online

Emerging Innovations at the Ocean-Climate Nexus: Shore to Sea


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The Ocean-Climate Solutions Innovation Exchange aims to increase international visibility of emerging ocean-climate solutions and convene a range of voices to explore common challenges and opportunities in the ocean-climate innovation space. Hosted by the Ocean Visions-UN Decade Collaborative Center for Ocean-Climate Solutions (OV-UN DCC), the Innovation Exchange's 12-month webinar series hosts multi-sector speakers to explore synergies, overlaps, gaps, and opportunities to advance the development of ocean-climate solutions and actions.

The inaugural 1-hour webinar "Emerging Innovations at the Ocean-Climate Nexus: Shore to Sea" features Lacey Reddix (Olokun Minerals), Beth Zotter (Umaro Foods, MARINER offshore farming project), and Catherine Berner (Otherlab), who discuss their approaches to identifying and operationalizing innovative solutions from the seashore to the open ocean. Talks are followed by a moderated participatory discussion. Courtney McGeachy, Director of the OV-UN DCC, hosts.

This is an Ocean Decade Endorsed Activity
This is an Ocean Decade Endorsed Activity

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