Apr 30, 2024 | 6:30AM - 7:30AM | PST | Online

Call for Decade Actions No 07/2024 Info Session


Information and Q&A session for the Call for Decade Actions No. 07/2024.

Launched on the heels of the 2024 Ocean Decade Conference, Call for Decade Actions No. 07/2024 aims to fill gaps in funding and resources, as well as to incentivize new initiatives in capacity development as part of the Ocean Decade Capacity Development Facility to support Decade Actions. It falls during the finalization of the Vision 2030 process outcomes and  focuses on galvanizing new contributions and new projects to support and strengthen the existing Decade Actions, thereby ensuring the high impact of the Ocean Decade in the coming years.

How to take part in Call for Decade Actions No. 07/2024

Interested parties should complete and submit the relevant online “Request for Endorsement” available on the Ocean Decade Network. Please note that there are several different online forms and different deadlines depending on the type of Action you are submitting.

During the preparation of submissions, we strongly encourage interested parties to consult and, where possible, collaborate with other institutions and partners working on common issues. The Ocean Decade Network provides a platform to identify potential partners and collaboration opportunities. Further information on mechanisms to create partnerships is provided in the FAQ document accompanying this Call.

Online Q&A sessions are planned to provide interested parties with the opportunity to ask questions on the Call for Decade Actions. These sessions will be held on: 


30 April 2024 from 06:00 - 07:30 PT

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This is an Ocean Decade Endorsed Activity
This is an Ocean Decade Endorsed Activity

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