Rebecca Martone bio photo

Rebecca Martone

Executive Director

Based near Victoria, BC, Dr. Rebecca Martone is the Executive Director for the Ocean Decade Collaborative Center for the Northeast Pacific Region.

Over the past 20-years Rebecca has worked as an applied marine ecologist addressing a variety of issues in coastal ecosystems across the west coast of North America, including marine spatial planning, small-scale fisheries sustainability, cumulative impacts to coastal ecosystems, and monitoring estuarine, intertidal, and kelp forest ecosystems. As the former Assistant Science Director at the Center for Ocean Solutions at Stanford University in California, she has experience linking science with decision making and co-developing science for solutions. Until recently, she worked with the Province of British Columbia to help implement the Marine Plan Partnership in collaboration with 17 coastal First Nations in northern BC.

Rebecca is passionate about working with a diverse community of scientists, community members, industry representatives, and ocean and coastal practitioners to solve the major challenges facing our oceans and help protect our coasts and oceans while supporting people’s livelihoods and cultural connections. 

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