Naomi Boon bio photo

Naomi Boon

Project Manager, Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System

Based in Victoria, B.C., Naomi is the Project Manager for the Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System (CIOOS). Naomi is working as part of the Ocean Decade Collaborative Centre team to facilitate connections to CIOOS and other ocean observing initiatives.

After completing a BSc Marine Biology at the University of St Andrews with a focus on marine mammals, Naomi was awarded a Robert T. Jones Memorial Scholarship to study at Emory University in Atlanta where she studied Interdisciplinary Studies and Environmental Science, and completed a work term with The Nature Conservancy, Georgia. Returning to St Andrews, Naomi completed a MSc in International Development Studies, specializing in urban conservation. Relocating to Canada in 2019, she worked as an Alumni Relations Manager before joining CIOOS.

Naomi’s diverse and generalist background combined with a passion for logistics and knowledge management aligns with the Tula Foundation’s culture, and allows her to say “yes” to most new challenges and opportunities that come her way.

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