Kathryn Sheps bio photo

Kathryn Sheps

Project Coordinator

Kathryn Sheps is a marine scientist by training and a facilitator and convener at heart. 

After completing a masters’ degree in marine science at the University of South Florida, Kathryn split her time between the field and the laboratory, working for a small research and development company. Developing novel climate-related marine technologies and spending a lot of time on the waters in and around Tampa Bay instilled both a sense of urgency to address climate change and a passion for developing climate solutions, especially those involving the ocean. Returning to Vancouver, Kathryn followed her passion to the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue at Simon Fraser University where she worked as a convener, facilitator and program manager in the climate solutions program, bringing people  with diverse backgrounds and experiences together in transformative, solutions-focussed dialogue around crucial issues, ideas and policies. Most recently, Kathryn was Research Coordinator at OceanWise Conservation Association working to advance the conservation and health of BC’s oceans. 

Kathryn remains dedicated to the idea that working together there are no challenges that cannot be solved. 

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