Colleen Kellogg bio photo

Colleen Kellogg

Science Coordinator and Oceanographer

Colleen Kellogg is a Research Scientist and Microbial Oceanographer with the Hakai Institute, and we are delighted for her to join our our Decade Collaborate Center (DCC) team to help support work related to harmful algal blooms and act as a liaison to molecular ecologists and oceanography experts in our region.

Colleen has a PhD (and BS and MSc) in Oceanography from the University of Washington. She has long-held interests in studying plankton communities along coastal margins where the influence of land (and people!) on the ocean is most acute, with experience on the west coast of Vancouver Island and broader BC, as well as the Arctic.

She is particularly interested in merging biomolecular data with physical and chemical measurements to decipher how changing ocean and climate conditions impact the smallest of creatures in marine ecosystems. She is very excited to be working with the DCC and is eager to help catalyze partnerships and collaborations across the Northeast Pacific in support of the Ocean Decade.

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