Camille Jasinski bio photo

Camille Jasinski

Communications Coordinator

Camille Jasinski is an environmental communications specialist and media and communication scholar. Camille is the communications coordinator for the Ocean Decade Collaborative Center and also leads communication for the BECI (Basin-Scale Events to Coastal Impacts) Project.

Camille has her BA and MA in communication from Simon Fraser University. Her MA thesis explored the ideological dimensions of oppression and with a focus on the intersection between capitalism, racism, and resource colonialism in debates around decolonization in Canada. She is also a critical theory scholar and teaches yoga and fitness outside of work.

Over the last few years Camille has worked in climate change and science communication, particularly in the field of salmon and ocean science research, and has developed a passion for making complex issues around our rapidly changing climate accessible to a wider audience. Camille has been involved with the Ocean Decade endorsed project BECI (Basin-Scale Events to Coastal Impacts) since 2021, which is how she found her way into the DCC. She is grateful to be able to continue her work in ocean science and collaboration with the DCC team!

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