Brad deYoung bio photo

Brad deYoung

Executive Director, CIOOS Pacific and Professor Emeritus, Memorial University

Dr. Brad deYoung is the Executive Director of the Pacific node of the Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System (CIOOS) and a Professor Emeritus and the Robert A. Bartlett Professor of Oceanography at Memorial University. He has participated in many different national and international programs – WOCE, GLOBEC, VITALS, OFI, AtlantOS, OSNAP, OGC, MEOPAR, ArcticNet, Ocean Gliders, GOOS, EuroGOOS – a veritable panoply of alphabet soup. While active in the planning and development of these diverse programs, he has also been engaged in developing links to public policy and exploring opportunities to connect science, society and economy. He served for a decade on the Fisheries Resource Conservation Council (FRCC), advising the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans on fisheries policy and management.

Dr. deYoung continues to develop new techniques and approaches to making measurements, both in the development of new platform capability, e.g. ocean gliders, and new sensors, such as pH sensors. His primary geographic focus has been the North Atlantic but with a move to the west coast, he is now helping to develop the CIOOS observing network with the goal of providing new information services serving society. While a necessary first step, archiving data and making it available is not enough. He supports CIOOS Pacific in the transformation of data into easily accessible information. This interest echoes ongoing work in AtlantOS, where the goal has been to develop a sustainable observing system that would provide basin-scale services to meet the wider needs of those who depend on the ocean.

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