Communications Specialist

The Communications Specialist will support our small team in all aspects of public communications, to multiple audiences, and through multiple platforms. You are a highly proficient communicator with a strong conservation ethic and connection to B.C. watersheds and wild salmon. You want to use your skills to inspire British Columbians to join you in defending our home waters and salmon runs. You excel at grasping complex concepts in ecology and resource management and weaving them into compelling stories for public audiences. You have a well-developed theory of audience and can work across multiple platforms, tailoring your messages to diverse groups of people regardless of their geography, politics, ethnicity and literacy. This job is perfect for an experienced journalist who is versed in the ecology and management of wild salmon and their habitats in B.C. For this position, we would also hire a salmon science or policy expert with exceptional communication skills and experience.


Watershed Watch Salmon Society

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